Water Damage Photo Gallery

Three green air movers

Aftermath of Storms

If your home or business suffers damages from the aftermath of storms, you can trust SERVPRO of La Crosse County &A dams Crawford Vernon S Monroe S Juneau Counties to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Hallway with a red patterned carpet with two green air movers.

Flooding & Insurance Claims

Did you know, Water Damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States? Flooding is the number one cause for insurance claims, yet most people do not have insurance coverage for flooding.

Male employee in a SERVPRO hoodie using a moisture meter.

Natural Water Source

The main difference between water damage and flood damage is where the water comes from. Flood damage comes from a natural water source. Water damage is man made. Call on your local SERVPRO of La Crosse if you find yourself in either of these unfortunate situations.

Green SERVPRO equipment on a hardwood floor.

Category 3 Water Damage

When Nasty Happens...

Water damage in your building is bad.  Toilet overflows, sewage backups and other intrusions are more than nasty, smelly messes;  these bio-hazardous damages can bring with them harmful microorganisms as well as moisture that can ultimately lead to mold growth. 

Green air movers on the floor of a room with flood cuts.

Water Loss

Water Damage Cleanup

Drying documents after a water loss is a specific process that requires high attention to detail and skill. SERVPRO is certified and ready to take on any sized loss!

More than Just frozen Pipes

After freezing temperatures hit our area every winter, we tend to have an influx of water calls.  Not only does the pipe itself have to be fixed, but, many areas of the home will need to be repaired as well. 

Your #WeAreLocal GREEN team has the situation under control.  From removing the water, to repairing the damaged walls and ceilings, to replacing the carpet if need be.   

#MorethanjustCarpets, SERVPRO can get the job done.

Frozen Pipes..? YIKES!

Your #WeAreLocal GREEN team was busy this last winter with broken pipes that had burst.  We arrived on the scene, assessed the damage and got straight to work. 

As pretty as it is, it is a costly mess.  Damage can be seen inside and outside of the home.  Thankfully, the homeowner called SERVPRO to  make it "Like it never even happened."

Water, Water Everywhere!

Flooding is not good for anyone.  It may look pretty, but it can be disastrous.  Once the water gets into your home, it can cause all sorts of problems. 

If it is not mitigated quickly, mold can develop soon after.  Mold is much more costly to take care of than water.

Large or small, your #wearelocal GREEN team can be on site and help make it

"Like it never even happened".  608.786.0387

Broken Water Heater in a School...

SERVPRO was called to assist a local school that had a water heater burst during winter break.  They could not have been happier that SERVPRO was there quickly and confidently to get the work done before the students returned.

We Are Ready 24/7/365

SERVPRO of La Crosse responds 24/7/365 to help make it "Like it never even happened."  Here, your #wearelocal GREEN team responded to a frozen pipe break during this last winter's deep freeze.  We are available around the clock in the event of a fire, water, or any type of damage.  Around the clock availability means a faster response time so that damages can be mitigated quickly.

2 Floor water damage

Two floors were affected in this building this last winter when we were in the throws of a deep freeze.  Six brand new apartments suffered from the broken water pipe.  Your #wearelocal GREEN team responded quickly to mitigate the damage. 

Big or small, your #wearelocal GREEN team can handle it all. 608.786.0387