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How to file a water damage claim.

2/12/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage can be devastating. It's a stressful time for everyone involved, including you and your insurance company. With the right information and support, however, you can get through this quickly and easily. So here are four steps to take if you have water damage at home or business.

1. Call in the experts

At the first sign of damage give the experts at SERVPRO a call. We will send out one of our qualified technicians immediately to begin assessing your situation. They will begin by taking photos of affected areas so that they can be used as evidence later on when filing a claim with insurance companies. Next they will begin removing standing water from carpets and hard surfaces using portable extraction units that produce powerful suction forces capable of pulling up even heavy amounts of moisture within minutes. This process allows them all remaining moisture content within these materials which prevents mold growth during cleanup efforts while also making sure that there's nothing left behind after this step has been completed successfully.

2. Document the damages

Document the damages Once you have a good idea of what was damaged, it's time to document and photograph the damage. You'll want to take multiple pictures from different angles so that you can show how much of your stuff was affected by water. Keep track of what was damaged, including receipts for any cleaning or repairs (if possible). You may also want to write down where each item came from and its value in case there are any disputes down the line about coverage limits or replacement costs. Lastly, keep a list of all contact information for anyone who has been helping out with the process.

3. Determine the cause of your water loss

Once you have your insurance claim form, it's time to figure out what type of damage has been done. You'll want to determine the cause of your water loss so that you can file an accurate claim and get reimbursed for all of your losses as quickly as possible.

There are many ways that water can get into your home, pipes may burst from age or pressure and plumbing fixtures (such as sinks) may leak due to poor installation or damage. Rainwater can seep through cracks in roofs or walls after heavy rain fall.

To determine whether or not filing an insurance claim is right for you, take some time first by asking yourself these questions: What type of insurance do I need? How much time do I have before things start getting worse?

Call the Professionals

If you have water damage at your home or business, call SERVPRO 24/7. When you call us after a flooding event, we will send over a professional technician who will assess how much work needs to be done onsite before beginning any cleanup process. We use advanced equipment and techniques to extract all standing water from your property so that mold doesn't grow inside your walls or under floors where it can cause further damage down the road if left untreated properly now!

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