Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Literally, Water Everywhere!

The worst kind of water damage is any water damage! Your #We Are Local GREEN Team are always on call and #Ready for whatever happens, even at 2 in the morning.... READ MORE

Crawl Spaces can Flood, too!

There are three types of foundations that you typically see in the housing industry. The first is a slab, the second is a crawl space, and the third is a basem... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Affects Whole Basement

This homeowner thought he had the best set up. A space all to himself in the basement. A space away from his grand kids and wife where he could watch the game... READ MORE

Going on Vacation..? Make Sure Someone is Watching Your Home

This family took a trip north last summer to enjoy the outdoors. They left on a Tuesday evening after work. On Saturday, a neighbor happened to be outside and... READ MORE

Senior Living Center Has Water

Sprinklers were mistakenly set off on the fourth floor of this senior living facility. Gallons of water damaged 20 apartments on four floors before the water w... READ MORE

Home Has Pin Hole Leak that Causes A Lot of Damage

Fawn was home working one quiet afternoon, when all of a sudden she heard water running. Needless to say, she found that the water was flooding into her son's ... READ MORE